"We have used the services of i4Technologies for the last 18 years. Our network and has never been more stable. As a small firm looking for efficient and cost-effective solutions, we have found i4 Technologies to be professional, responsive and proactive towards our needs."

Mansfield Medical Distributors – Mr. Irwin Braude

“So my fellow Business People , and Entrepreneurs: Let me tell you a story about a wrong decision, the recovery  path from that decision, as well as the wonderful result that evolved.  A number of years back we at Mansfield Medical had to change our antiquated software which was not doing the job any longer.  So we reviewed a number of offers  from various vendors .  One of the offers came from George and his team at I4T technologies.  We subsequently decided to use another software platform , and another support house. The reason was we felt the upfront costs from I4T were to high.....

Flash .. 3 years later and hundreds of thousands of dollars later our system was not up and all we were getting was invoices from our support house.  We explained our situation to George at I4T , and he was most gracious in offering to help us out.  He did a study on our situation , made some recommendations and even had his team write some modules for our software (which I4T does not sell or support).  I4T ultimately recommended keeping the software which we bought, but helped us mitigate to a new company which would better be able to support our requirements.  I4T acted as our in house team to ensure that the software and the new provider worked according to plan , and finally the pain was over.

This story speaks to the flexibility, integrity, and honesty of I4T.  Today, I4T , provides us with : Security Monitoring - Off premise online backup - Hardware Maintenance - Web support.

The story speaks for itself, and so does I4T. We consider them as partners and friends who care about our company and its success. Don’t be shy to use them , they are great and the will earn your trust  and respect.”

Mansfield Medical Distributors – Mr. Vince Ianotti

“Mansfield Medical has been in existence now for over 40 yrs. During that time we did a lot of things right, unfortunately we also did a few things wrong ... I4T was one of those wrongs.

Through a mutual acquaintance George came to us towards the end of our tendering process into an ERP system. At this point our decision was virtually made and even though George was extremely knowledgeable and thorough, we stayed the course and awarded the business elsewhere. Long story short, 3 yrs into the implementation, we were getting nowhere. I was too embarrassed to ask George for help but our mutual friend insisted on me reaching out to George. To my pleasant surprise he was just as cooperative as when we first met. Most people would have held a grudge for having been past over, not George. He jumped in feet first to help. Remember, this was NOT his software he did not profit from helping, he just found someone to help us. He then helped us structure the implementation and off we went. A short while later we were done. We pass him over and then he saves our butts ... this is man of integrity a selfless man who I’m sure put personal feelings aside and just did the right thing. As a person ... he is a man of great intelligence, deeply entrenched in what he does. He is what he does. He will not just show you what to do but rather teach it to you. Today he is “my guy”. Internet, firewall, and website."

Go with I4T and just let it be ...”

Solutions de bureau nulook - Mrs. Dalia Yusupov

"Changing IT service providers is always a delicate and complex transition , I4T made the experience smooth and hassle free . Lino and JP are real pros in their domain and provide exceptionally professional and honest service .We highly recommend I4T to any business."

Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society - Mr. Skip Knopke

"Ever since hiring i4Tech as our virtual CFO and CIO in 2003 to help us prevent a large Canadian business from failing under the weight of a year long strike, Rosario, George and Lino have been friends and professional associates who have always been there for us. More recently, but now on behalf of Baldwin Brothers, a large funeral company based in Florida, the i4 team has continued to serve us very well. They are creative, productive and always interested in our success as much as their own. I would highly recommend they be strongly considered for any project within their expertise."

Ms. Michelle Canerot

“I worked for many years on various IT projects with I4 Technologies including the development of custom software systems for the death care industry. I found the I4 team to be extremely knowledgeable and honest; they worked diligently with us to find the right solutions to suit our needs, while working within our budget. I would highly recommend their services."


"i4Technologies Inc. for the past 15 years,  through its professionalism and expertise, always provides us with advice and adequately tailored options, resulting in successful projects. We continue to work with i4Technologies with the goal of constantly improving.

Their quick response, exceptional service, and ability to listen and understand our needs, meets all our expectations.  This is what you can expect from this team when you hire their services!”